Thursday, 12 September 2013

Home Spaces.

I love looking at decor magazines. Finding room after room of inspiration for a space just looking for an update or a new space that has no stamp on it yet. The use of new colour combinations that I might not have thought of. Clever furniture placement that uses the floor space to its maximum advantage. The latest furniture trends. 

 Of course, although I love admiring all these different spaces, I have to remember that a home has to reflect who I am, or who you are. What I can get from paging through the decor magazines is a good idea of what I do and don't like. You can actually create your very own personal mood board, with furniture styles, colour choices and the mood you want to achieve. With that picture in mind, or on board, you are on your way to creating that space that says 'ME'.

 There is nothing more comforting than walking through your front door and feeling a welcoming peace. 

Happy paging.

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